D-Operation Drop - "ZAMZAM054"

Today is the first time we have the privilege to get in touch properly with the dub and reggae oriented ZamZam Sounds. The strictly vinyl record label based in Portland, Oregon has content on its back catalogue from amongst others Egoless, LAS, Compa, Ishan Sound, J:Kenzo and Digid. Very familiar artists when we’re talking about dubstep, but ZamZam is very open-minded when it comes to genres and basically is known for picking up the most refreshing soundsystem music from all over the world, while respecting the original roots and culture. Along the way they developed a very unique identity through a clear vision and culturally coloured background, which all is being reflected in the music they’re releasing. Episode fiftyfour is no exception to their concept as they do introduce D-Operation Drop with two dubplates. Out to Ezra and Tracy for pushing soundsystem music in the United States, something which is definitely not evident given the history of dub and reggae.

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