LOST unfolds his sound on N-Type's Wheel & Deal Records

As a record label owner and 14-year-strong Rinse FM host, the monumental DJ N-Type has seen many producers pass by, while he witnessed others firmly make their mark in the dubstep environment. The undisputed Croydoner LOST is definitely one of the latter as his renowned Hench sound earned him releases on NSD: Black Label and DUPLOC. On the 26th of January 2018 he is proud to add Wheel & Deal Records to his list of achievements. “In the past I declined a few opportunities from other labels as I was sort of exclusively signed to Jake’s label. Obviously I will always stay loyal to H.E.N.C.H Recordings, but I want to explore new horizons and unfold the sound I developed on other imprints too.”

Given the strong connection between LOST and N-Type, this fully-fledged “Code 6” EP came along naturally. Much as N-Type is glad to finally bring in LOST on his imprint, he’s evenly proud to go heavy on vinyl again. “We took a break from vinyl when our last distributor closed down, but now we teamed up with the lovely guys at Unearthed and we recently launched a new Wheel & Deal online store. Although we’re keeping this current instalment rather exclusive as it will be a 300 limited, stamped and numbered record.”

The title track “Code 6” is topped off with vocals by SGT Pokes. LOST explains: “N-Type was playing the instrumental, before Pokes vocal’d it, on a special dubplate radio session. SGT Pokes made the ‘jingles’ for that show and I was mixing and mastering those. Suddenly I realised I’d need some of his bars to finish up my track.” Hence the A-side. The first track on the B-side “Pluto” is being dominated by bleepy sounds while the final track “Fire In His Eye” is a 140 BPM jungle stepper. WHEELYDEALY057 is a collection of LOST experimenting with diverse sounds. Each of the three tracks have a different style, yet every tune is connected through that dance floor vibe.