Version Collective rounds up 2017 with "Certified Organic 3"

Record label Version Collective rounds up its third year with their annual “Certified Organic” series. Similar to the two previous years, the current “Certified Organic 3” is a compilation holding down nothing but bass weight. This year the collection is outstanding in quantity as it contains 24 tracks, yet the quality is on point as well. Highlights for this third instalment? First of all there are a few magnificent cuts from the Belgian bass enthusiasts ARtroniks, Kodec and Bunzer0 included. Daseplate’s track is one of the heavier steppers and also worth mentioning is “Nasty Ways” by The Cosmos. Though Teffa’s “Sqobbler” blew us away. In general this release is an appropriate portal to discover some remarkable producers. VCC003 is due to release on the 27th of December 2017.