Seven presents third album with collaborations from Youngsta, Truth and more

From witnessing the early days of Contact and Rinse FM to running one of the steadiest dubstep imprints, the London veteran Seven is a key player in the industry. On the 11th of November 2017 he is proudly coming forward with eleven tracks on Uprise Audio entitled as “11:11” referring to the point of time he often sees on the clock which -simply put- he started to associate with great things happening in his personal life. Seven formerly released content on Tempa, Black Box, Subway,.. though this release is his most complete work till date. Seven affirms: “This album was not conceptual like my last one. My intention was to make an LP full of dance floor content, with exception of the first and last track.”

This third album is an excellent reflection of how dubstep from the Uprise Audio camp anno 2017 sounds like as the label owner sets the bar high: “All the tracks I selected are ones I have regularly drawn for in my sets over the past year. In fact I had 26 tracks in the shortlist and broke it down to 11. So this is the best of the best from me.” “Fire And Ice” is one of our personal favourites as the contrast between both the gentle side and the robust aspect of Seven smoothly melds together. In comparison with his previous LP releases, this collection contains remarkably more collaborations. You should expect a weighty track with his partner in crime Youngsta, as well as a rather surprising project with Truth and Juss B, which are only a few of the many highlights. The latter is also available on a limited vinyl together with “Bangbadem”. Seven elucidates: “These are two of the biggest tunes on the album so it felt like a natural selection to put them on the album sampler. They are both highly energetic and have accounted for many wheel ups and euphoric moments.” Mark 11.11 in your calendar as time will truly stand still on the moment you’ll hear the first crackles from the needle hitting this record.