10 Masterpieces on Juss B's "Blow My Smoke" LP

Ahead of Juss B’s highly anticipated “Blow My Smoke” LP, we got in touch with the main man himself. Juss B got in touch with dubstep during its “golden years” and since the very beginning Juss B was attentively following the Uprise Audio crew as it was his main source of inspiration at the time. In the meanwhile Juss B released some loose content on quite a few labels. Though it all changed for Juss B when he was offered to sign exclusively on Uprise Audio: “That was a no-brainer for me.” Along the way he released two unique EPs entitled UA013 and the more recent UA017. Juss B explains that this signing changed his music career drastically: “Seven is a master at his craft and has a lifetime of experience dealing with the music industry so it’s comforting to know that a release you’ve worked on for months will gain all the exposure and attention it deserves.” In fact this album was originally meant to be Juss B’s third EP on Uprise Audio, though Juss B explains that as time went on, he felt that these tracks would actually fit quite well together on an LP: “I would also like to say RIP Dr. Derg who was and still is an inspiration to me. The tune “Blow My Smoke” is a small dedication to his life and legacy.” Juss B’s debut album releases on the 12th of May 2017.