The first volume of the "Uprise Audio Collective" compilation series

Uprise Audio is ready for a new chapter. After quite a few remarkable EP and album releases, Uprise Audio proudly presents the first volume of its new “Uprise Audio Collective” series. Via this series the London-based level-setting dubstep label aims to give a complete overview of the sound Seven and his team have been pushing for five years straight. Uprise is known for consistently releasing content from a select few producers, and does so again, but with this first instalment they do welcome a few new names such as heavyweight Bukez Finezt and our recent signee Kloudmen. It’s great to see Uprise Audio heading a slightly different direction and we cannot wait to hear what’s next, but let’s take a proper moment first to fully enjoy this volume as we feel like this release is Uprise Audio’s most complete one to date. UALP006 is due to release on the 24th of February 2017.