Uprise Audio exposes the illusive Markee Ledge

He only was recently signed to Artikal Music UK for a joint effort EP with pioneer Youngsta, yet now Seven presents the debut single on his label Uprise Audio. Within the original dubstep circles everyone seems to be familiar with Markee Ledge, but what is the story behind this Ledgend? Well, back in the days the former producer for Kosheen was a big fan of the Rinse FM dubstep shows which he claims to be his main inspiration: “I was listening to Minimal Mondays and eventually I asked Seven to do a remix of my track ‘I Want U’ and it just went from there really. I already had a release on Uprise Audio and I’m very happy to release on Seven’s label again.” Markee Ledge is most definitely not a side project: “This is what I’m doing now and what I’m feeling musically! I’m planning on releasing another album soon and I do have some more collaborations in the pipeline.”

Anno 2018 he is focussing on producing the rather dark stuff, without restricting himself to any specific BPM as he is for example firmly rooted in the drum and bass scene as well: “I think most dubstep heads have roots in jungle and drum and bass. However I love the production quality in deep dubstep and there is a great community of producers and DJs supporting the scene. I’ve always loved deep music and minimal productions plus I’ve been following dubstep from the very early days. This just feels like my natural home.” While being inspired by labels such as Swamp 81 and Tempa, he describes his own sound to be on the rolling side, with a deep and somewhat meditative vibe, strengthened by a healthy dose of fire. His latest single UA026 is due to release on the 26th of January 2018 and is the excellent proof of his passion for the genre.