Juss B - "UA017"
Release in its totality

We were a big fan of Juss B’s previous release on Uprise Audio with the title track “Vain” -a very underappreciated tune, far ahead of its time- part of the “Vain EP”. On the 3rd of June 2016, not even one year after, Juss B will be back with another 4-track killer EP, which makes both UA013 as well as UA017 essentials. According to us, Uprise Audio’s resident from the State-side is extremely underrated. We frequently see a lot of new talent popping up lately, but we feel until he signed to Uprise, Juss B had been under the radar for too long. If you were not convinced by Juss B’s “Vain EP”, you will be convinced by this “Can’t Stop EP” without a doubt.

Download UA017