Seven - "UA015"
Release in its totality

With the previous UA013 and UA014 releases featuring respectively Juss B and Indiji, we’ve been talking about Uprise Audio stepping up their game, but their first release of 2016 is just simply next level in all aspects. Label bossman Seven returns to his own imprint with two singles including the highly-anticipated “Shaker”, as he’s happy to be finally back with a proper release. Seven worked really hard to put together a quality team over the past years, as he managed to establish a rather prestigious outlet for his Uprise family and that does deserve some attention. UA015 is available on vinyl and is so far the 7th vinyl release from the London-based imprint. We know it’s a little bit early to mention, but Seven’s “Shaker” will probably be marked as one of the most original releases of 2016 already.

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