Juss B – “Blow My Smoke”

Ahead of Juss B's remarkable "Blow My Smoke" LP, it's time to travel to Los Angeles and chat a little bit in depth about his highly-anticipated release. Juss B got in touch with dubstep during its "golden...
juss b cant stop art

Juss B – “UA017″

We were a big fan of Juss B's previous release on Uprise Audio with the title track "Vain" -a very underappreciated tune, far ahead of its time- part of the "Vain EP". On the 3rd of June 2016, not even one...

Juss B – “UA013″

And then there's Uprise Audio again. When we recently heard Juss B's highly-anticipated track "Vain" would finally see a release, we obviously were excited, but we didn't expect it to be featured on a massive...