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According to Bukez Finezt & ENiGMA Dubz

We invited our our long-term residents Bukez Finezt & ENiGMA Dubz to have a little chat about our 5th anniversary, the dubstep sound anno 2017 and their 25 favourite tunes featured on our platform. Thanks...

ENiGMA Dubz – “HTCH015″

Birmingham's finest ENiGMA Dubz and London's legend DJ Hatcha proudly do announce ENiGMA Dubz' debut EP on the latter's imprint. His first release on Hatched Music contains four tunes on a rather heavier vibe...

5 Years of album

"Celebrating five years of" On the 2nd of October 2017 the independent Belgian platform celebrates its 5th anniversary by releasing its debut album., one of the leading references for...

ENiGMA Dubz – “SCR018″

Last year ENiGMA Dubz released his third album "The Journey So far", twenty full-worthy tracks in total to genuinly enjoy. Simply put - an album as how you'd expect an album from ENiGMA Dubz to sound. Now it's...

Release discography 2015

"..Our adventures began with signing two singles from Noclu for DUPLOC001. With our first record in the bag, we travelled across the dubstep environment and we captured the sound of eight different cities...
The Journey So Far - Part 1 [1440x1440]

ENiGMA Dubz – “The Journey So Far”

ENiGMA Dubz is presenting his third album, which he is going to release on his new, very own label "From The Vine Records" in two separate episodes of 10 tracks each. The first part of "The Journey So Far" is...

Best of album 2015

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we released our third and final "Best of album" on our birthday, the 2nd of October 2015. For the third time founder DUPLOC puts together a collection of both...

Shack d – “Impulse EP”

The LA-based producer Shack d is known for his deeper, pounding tracks and it was only a matter of time until his productions would caught the eye of a legend who goes by the name of Coki from Digital Mystikz....