Release discography 2015

"..Our adventures began with signing two singles from Noclu for DUPLOC001. With our first record in the bag, we travelled across the dubstep environment and we captured the sound of eight different cities...

Best of duploc.com album 2015

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we released our third and final "Best of duploc.com album" on our birthday, the 2nd of October 2015. For the third time founder DUPLOC puts together a collection of both...
BadKlaat_MACHINE EP_Artwork

BadKlaat – “Machine EP”

BadKlaat has been recently signed to Caspa's label "Dub Police" as he's presenting his debut release entitled "Machine EP", forthcoming on the 9th of March 2015. Apart from "Gypsy Dub", DP111 includes the...
Best of DUPLOC Album

Best of duploc.com album 2014

On the 2nd of October 2014, DUPLOC exists exactly two years and to celebrate we're releasing our "Best of DUPLOC Album 2014". The "Best of DUPLOC Album 2014" is a collection of our favourite content of the...

BadKlaat – “Tuff Knuckles EP”

Sub Concentrate Recordings, the upcoming LA-based label, is earning its stripes in the dubstep scene as they're now already releasing a 4-track EP from none other than BadKlaat with "Bare Knuckles" as our...