AxH – “DUPLOC017″

"The debut of AxH on duploc.com" duploc.com proudly announces its newest signee AxH. The Boston-based dubstep enthusiast is very selective when it comes to releasing music as he released his best dubplates...

AxH & ARtroniks – “WHEELYDEALY050″

DJ N-Type is a badman. Througout 7 years of hard work he does now proudly present the 50th release of his label Wheel & Deal UK. Tempa's AxH and our very own ARtroniks have the honour to be featured on this...

AxH – “Numbskull EP”

AxH's previous release dates back from February 2014 when Tempa released his "Destroy EP", catalogued as TEMPA086. Nearly two years later, it's finally time for the highly-anticipated single "Numbskull" to...

Ollie303 – “TA001″

Today we're introducing you to Trojan Audio, a brand new vinyl-only dubstep label focussing on the deeper, minimal sounds of the genre. Trojan Audio is a UK-based label and invited Ollie303 for their first...