5 Years of album

"Celebrating five years of" On the 2nd of October 2017 the independent Belgian platform celebrates its 5th anniversary by releasing its debut album., one of the leading references for...

Arkwright – “WHEELYDEALY054″

Our very own Arkwright is being introduced to N-Type's record label with a 4-track EP, fully packed with fresh tunes. The 54th(!) instalment of Wheel & Deal Records once again stands for quality coming...

Release discography 2016

"..We continue our journey after a year of exploring dark alleys packed with fresh talent from the streets of London and Birmingham to the heart of Brussels and Santa Cruz. This year we decided to restrict...

Arkwright – “TRT001″

Trojan Audio has only been recently established, and while we're patiently waiting for Argo's TA002 to drop, the UK-based imprint already announces the launch of Tribe Trojan, the sister label which will also...

Best of album 2015

To celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we released our third and final "Best of album" on our birthday, the 2nd of October 2015. For the third time founder DUPLOC puts together a collection of both...