Hebbe's "Dubmedika" EP releases on NL's finest Subway Recordings

One of Rotterdam’s most refined dubstep producers on the main Rotterdam-based imprint, that’s what to expect of SUBWAY044. Of course we’re talking about the vexed release from Hebbe on Subway Recordings. Hebbe got in touch with the record label two years ago when label owner Nicon booked him for a few events and eventually asked him if he’d be interested in releasing an EP. To describe it with the words of Subway Recordings: “Hebbe is one of Holland’s best kept secrets to date. Until now.” This is undeniably the breakthrough for Hebbe as he’s ready to make his own mark on the more-alive-than-ever dubstep scene with four clean sound system cuts. SUBWAY044 is due to release on the 16th of October 2017.