Bisweed passionately presents his best work till date on Subaltern Records

Known for quality over quantity, Subaltern Records proudly presents the latest work of Bisweed. A remarkable individual to say the least; living in Eastern Europe, far away from the dubstep capitals, while constantly facing struggles and responsibilities from daily life doesn’t distract him at all. Actually he is thoroughly motivated and passionate about music production, which is his escape from reality. The opportunity Subaltern Records gave him, makes him even more determined and confident. Bisweed’s current four track venture took him around a year to craft: “I had a sharp-cut concept for the EP in mind when Mentha asked me if I wanted to work with Subaltern. I heard many good things about his label, so I felt very enthusiastic and comfortable.” Bisweed passionately describes the theme of his “Into The Weald” EP: “The sound reflects the picture of being deep in the dense forest. At a misty night. Being at a sacred and silent place in the woods. Being conscious that everything in nature lives a life on its own out there. It might even make you feel creepy.”

The artwork translates the message of this continuing imbalance and each track refers to what can be encountered in the imaginary weald designed by Bisweed’s creative mind; a haunting and cramped yet enchanting landscape which makes you want to flee and settle down at the same time. The setting he creates takes you on a truly sonic adventure. “Shelter” is exemplary for Bisweed’s trippy sound, while the ghostly depths of “Swamp” teleport you into a mystical underground world. Label owner Mentha joins Bisweed on “Dolmen”, a typical rock solid stepper: “Mentha came up with the idea to record the extra guitars. When I added these recordings, it filled up the composition as if they were there from the beginning.” Topping off Bisweed’s journey, there’s the digital bonus track “Chase” , a composition of which Bisweed is the most proud: “This is probably my most interesting work as it is original music to a pa de deux for Estonian National Opera for which we have been creating the choreography and music simultaneously. That was a very special experience for me.” This complete collection SUBALT014 is due to release on the 26th of January 2018.