The innovative Southpoint unleashes Muttley's "Yam Yam" EP

The Brighton-based record label Southpoint has been exploring the darkest corners of the dance since 2015. Rooted in grime and dubstep, the crew has been shattering borders between genres by pulling off the most refined picks across underground music. Nonetheless their next instalment is a smooth blend between grime and dubstep, as they put forward the fellow Bristolian Muttley. Southpoint, the home for innovative bass music, is especially known for championing new talent and STPT034 is another flawless example. The title track “Yam Yam” has been circulating within the dubstep scene as it did get spins by Kahn & Neek, Youngsta, Bukez Finezt and Ishan Sound. At present-day it’s part of Muttley’s exciting debut release in which Japanese melodies shine through. Co-founder KXVU shuts down the EP completely with his remix.