Hatcha & Youngsta unveil first track from Bloodline on Rampage Recordings

Europe’s biggest dubstep and drum and bass festival is preparing for edition 2018 which is taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of March in Antwerp, Belgium. As usual Rampage Festival’s focus goes towards heavy tear out vibes, yet this year you can expect the London legends Hatcha & Youngsta to perform a set under their new alias Bloodline. Anticipating the live show, Rampage Recordings is releasing a 36-track compilation in separate samplers and Bloodline’s first official single will be part of the final RAMPAGE 2018 which is set for release on the 23rd of February. “Street Gangs” is on a remarkably heavier vibe than we’re used from the dubstep pioneers. “We made a couple of tracks for the Rampage compilation, but ‘Street Gangs’ was the harder track we had sitting in the locker. As Rampage is known for their naughty tear out line ups of hard hitters, we wanted to cater for the Rampage raver.”

We’re grabbing this opportunity to catch up with the busy Hatcha & Youngsta to talk about their collective alias: “Bloodline is a combination of both of our DJ styles and sounds while we’re incorporating all of the genres within dubstep in one set. We’re bringing together the original classics, present bangers and future sounds. When it comes to production our concept is similar, we just try to combine both our influences as much as possible. For Rampage we have done something harder without sinking too dark or too tear out, yet we also have a couple of naughty dark minimal ones sitting in the volt. This project is basically giving us the freedom to explore more within the genre and step outside of our comfort zones.”

While Youngsta is known for the weighty material, Hatcha has been bringing all dubstep related styles and tempos to the table. Together they form an excellent combination: “We are both labelled as pioneers within this scene and we have ridden the wave both good and bad. We have done a couple of back to back sets in the past and the feedback has always been positive. Moreover we are good friends and after a few discussions we decided we should try to offer something unique aside from a simple back to back. We have a good behind the scenes team and eventually the ideas came with the flow and Bloodline was born.”

When we ask why they felt the need to establish this alias, they respond delightly: “Launching Bloodline was literally to expose the healthy community as it currently rose again stronger than ever. We each have very occupied diaries in regard to bookings, but it became quite clear that when we team up we are bringing something no one else could. Capturing the genre in its totality and exploring the other channels that have splintered from the origins gives us an exciting breath of fresh air, while we’re maintaining our solo projects obviously.”

“So far we have received some amazing positive feedback on our live sets – we have a solid run across February and March in Europe and North America and at the moment we are very much focused on pushing the brand in front of as many people as we can. We love the genre and have loved watching it develop and progress the way it has since its beginnings. But that’s the beautiful thing with Bloodline, we now have the opportunity to open the door to all the subgenres within dubstep. We’re keeping it authentic and demonstrating the transition over the years while remaining relevant. So yes, you can bet we have some naughty little weapons lined up for Rampage Festival 2018!”