Through our monthly REWIND series, we select the finest dubstep cuts and dubplates as uploaded on SoundCloud. Here is January 2018’s issue.

Shu & Dalek One – Mumble Dub (Pushloop remix)

A little tough to pick one, but this exceptional track is ideal to kick off our monthly series. Pushloop’s remix of “Mumble Dub” is a unique crafting and easily reached spot number one in the Beatport single charts this month. Out to Shu and Dalek One on the original which was released last year on Truth’s Deep Dark & Dangerous. DDD027 is on a mad vibe; this one is weighty, sinister and savage.

Darkimh – Eclipse

Darkimh popped out of nowhere and this month definitely was his. You’ve probably heard “Eclipse” a couple of times by now, but we wanted to emphasize once again how sublime and complete this debut record from Darkimh sounds. Backed with a sinister remix from Malleus and a powerful collaboration with Taiko, IFS009 is an essential in your record bag and is due to release on the 2nd of February 2018 through Infernal Sounds.

Rygby – Consolation

Rygby is currently travelling around Europe. His new experiences most likely inspired him to pull out “Consolation” amongst a bunch of others freshening mature productions. For a moment he considered to compile an album with the music he makes on his adventures, however for now Rygby decided to focus on releasing certain loose EPs with his signature sound. Spotlights on this noteworthy Bristol based producer, who’s also waving the flag for his baffling Chonk Mob crew.

Ternion Sound – Yellow And Grey

Spoiler alert. One of the artists to watch in 2018 is the new American superstar dubstep group Ternion Sound. And we do not say that because we signed two of their tracks for DUPLOC021. The alias is formed by the three like-minded Minneapolis dubstep enthusiasts Johnny Foreplay, Apparition and Nostalgia. They have many dubplates sitting in their bag and are already receiving overwhelming support by the community. Simply put: check ’em out!

J:Kenzo – Shark Eye

“Shark Eye” was floating around dastardly for a couple of years. After testing it out on several sound systems around the globe, rudebwoi J:Kenzo now decides to release it being part of ARTKL028. This two track record is excellently balanced in weight and energy. Furthermore we witness J:Kenzo’s inner native predator being brought above as he’s on the hunt with his typical razor sharp percussion.

Hebbe – Float Yourself

And then there’s Hebbe who has a forthcoming record on Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings and J:Kenzo’s Artikal Music UK. First and foremost we’re proud to introduce him to our label with his own single. DUPLOC020 was released in January 2018 and “Float Yourself” is one of our personal favourites from the Dutch up-and-comer. Once again, new Hebbe material dropping soon.

Cimm – Unhinged

Cat’s out of the bag. The loyal Rinse FM listeners probably heard Youngsta drop a quite a few exclusive tracks from the London based Cimm. Being signed to Tempa Records, we are patiently waiting to hear more records, although we already know “Unhinged” will be coming out on a 12″ sooner or later. Given this particular sound, our best guess would be it is forthcoming on Sentry Records, although Cimm’s biography states he also has forthcoming music on Artikal Music UK and Deep Dark & Dangerous which are of course plausible options for “Unhinged” to be released on. Another reason to keep an eye on the elusive Cimm.

DubDiggerz – Struggle Dub

More Rinse FM rips incoming: dubplate business from Slovenia’s hottest dubstep duo. One of the most recent productions from DubDiggerz was aired live on J:Kenzo’s latest show. “Struggle Dub” is on a rather melodic vibe but is a massive tune nonetheless.

Six Sunsets – Elegy Dub VIP

The two genuine gentleman at Six Sunsets uploaded a marvellous VIP. However the original track was released as a white label release, Jake and Luke do not (yet) have too many of their tunes released. They are known to craft quite a few dubplates for their live sets though. “Elegy Dub VIP” is one of their newest productions to hit the dance floor with.

ALXZNDR – Persian Princess

If there’s one name you see popping up on the regular lately, it has to be ALXZNDR. With a few raw grimy bootlegs and a bunch of remarkable original productions he made people notice him. For the currently running Shitty War Dub competition, he pumps out another banger. We definitely recommend to check out the other sending as there are some powerful tunes included from upcoming talent. Out to Shitty Dubstep for hosting this interesting competition.

Wraz – Riot

Affiliated with Version Collective, the Canadian Wraz has a forthcoming EP on Australia’s After Dark Music. His sound is refreshing to say the least and we’re excited to see what the future brings for this humble individual.

Samba – UN VIP

We’re last minute squeezing Samba’s forthcoming CRUCIAL015 into this month’s selection as it has been only announced yesterday. Samba truly impresses with this record; an upgrade from his previous Crucial release as there’s a hefty VIP of “UN” included. For those who missed CRUCIAL009, you can find the original “Malignant” on the A-side of this plate as well. The “Malignant” remix EP will release on the 31st of January 2018 through Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings and includes a rolling remix from the label’s patron himself. On the flip side you find Bukez Finezt giving it his twisted treatment. And there’s also this “UN VIP” carved into the wax.

Juss B – Lean VIP

Talking about last minute squeezing in, Juss B’s nonchalantly throws yet another mad dubplate upon the Cloud. Uprise Audio’s heavyweight did cause some serious damage with his “Blow My Smoke” LP. The original “Lean” however was part of his evenly exciting “Can’t Stop” EP. Even though the VIP will remain unreleased for now, a new solo release from Juss B on Seven’s imprint is highly overdue. Out to the Uprise Audio crew each and every.

Tetrad – Back Up

Armed with two wonderful records coming out on respectively Well Rounded Records and Unity Through Sound, we haven’t had the chance to introduce the Los Angeles based Tetrad yet. Here’s something he has been working on lately entitled “Back Up”.

RUFUS! – I Want You

To keep it short, we couldn’t leave “I Want You” out of this month’s issue. The Bradford based RUFUS! has been producing in the shadows and is set to emerge from them anytime now. Don’t sleep on him.

Zygos – Sudd (D-Operation Drop remix)

Honestly we couldn’t leave out the neat remix from D-Operation Drop neither. This remix of “Sudd” will be dropping on Cue Line Records in March 2018 being part of Zygos’ vinyl record catalogued as CLV003. “Laicism”, “Sudd” and “Tapered” are the other tracks on this twelve inch plate.

TMSV – Warrior

Ending this month’s selection with some classic TMSV percussion backed with a weighty sub. No release information for “Warrior”; a typical TMSV approach as he’s keeping it low profile and underground. He has been uploading a few new beats to his SoundCloud lately, lovely to see he’s passionately attracted to the dubstep sound again.

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