“..Our adventures began with signing two singles from Noclu for DUPLOC001. With our first record in the bag, we travelled across the dubstep environment and we captured the sound of eight different cities during our expedition. We included music from the streets of London and Birmingham to the heart of Brussels and far beyond. A well-meant thank you for joining us on our journey so far. We’ll definitely continue to explore rough territories and cross boundaries..”

The duploc.com release discography 2015 contains all the official releases on duploc.com, from DUPLOC001 to DUPLOC008. In a time where listeners are floaded with excessive amounts of digital music, it’s important as label to stand out by providing your releases on a physical format as well. duploc.com aims to treat his producers properly and gives them a physical outlet in the form of a yearly compact disc release to wrap-up the past year.

duploc.com explains that it’s currently not financially possible and realistic to print every single release on vinyl, because the platform is working with quite a few upcoming producers. Though to fill the gap of the releases which are not being printed on vinyl, duploc.com does provide every release with a physical format none the less in the form of a solid CD-release.

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