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Dubstar Records has released loads of quality albums over the past few years, featuring producers such as BadKlaat, Megalodon, D2, Kromestar and many others. They’re still going strong and for their 54th release, they’ve teamed up with my platform “DUPLOC”.

DUPLOC recommended 10 tracks of both upcoming and established producers, which have been featured on his channel in the past, but which were yet unsigned. This first volume of the “Recommended by DUPLOC” series has been released on the 2nd of December 2013 and you can purchase this album here.

"Recommended by DUPLOC" Vol.1

I try to find a good balance between promoting quality content from established producers, but I love to launch new producers as well. This album is a perfect mix of both and even a few upcoming talents have had their first release ever via this album. This project confirms yet again that so many interesting people in the scene are keeping an eye out for my YouTube channel DUPLOCpromotions, which gives this platform yet another dimension.

Listen to all the 10 tracks from this album exclusively via this playlist below.

The “Recommended by DUPLOC” series is a project hosted by myself, where I work togheter with several ambitious and prestigious dubstep-oriented record labels. For more information about this concept please visit this page.

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