Dubstar Records released quite a few quality albums over the past few years, featuring producers such as BadKlaat, Megalodon, D2, Kromestar and many others.

We recommended 10 tracks of both upcoming and established producers, which have been featured on our YouTube channel in the past, but which were yet unsigned. This first volume of the “Recommended by DUPLOC” series, catalogued under “RBD001″ has been released on the 2nd of December 2013.

Purchase RBD001 here.

01. Deemed & Tokez – Thug Flex
02. Blankface – Ravers Riddim
03. Dub Personal – She’s Here
04. ENiGMA Dubz – Fatality
05. Krimer – Balla Is Here
06. Malice & Wobad – Destroy
07. Nigia – Smoke Machine
08. Rackup & Pinion – Get It
09. Phex – Stutter
10. Dubloadz – Astro Jacks

For more information about these “Recommended by DUPLOC” series, please visit this page.