Introducing Rarefied with their newest record RARE5

Let’s take a moment to introduce Rarefied as they already hold down four strong releases and are now set to release their fifth instalment. Rarefied is the relatively new label curated by Jonathan Sinclair who is employed at the respected Unearthed Sounds. Jon sees nothing but the finest dubstep records pass by each week. Working closely together with a team highly experienced within the vinyl industry, in combination with his knowledge and passion for dubstep music, makes Rarefied outstanding. Establishing a vinyl imprint was only the logical next step. In accordance with the name Rarefied, which literally means “distant from the interests of normal people”, Jon takes a rather unusual approach as far as their sound is concerned. Uncommon frequencies have consistently dominate their records and continue to do so as Rarefied tends to only look for quality, regardless of the producer’s name. The label already released content from the well-respected D-Operation Drop and now they put forward three remarkable tunes from Sibla with the usual abstract artwork fitting the music excellently. Sibla’s EP is actually the most dance floor focused to date. RARE5 is due to release on the 15th of December 2017.