We’ve invited Shiverz, founder of the Monsters collective, for a little interview and exclusive podcast to put the new edition of Quake in the spotlight. Shiverz, also known as Da Butcher, is especially known for his excellent mixing and delivers a typical mix with the energy you can expect at a live set.

Hey man, hope all is well! We know you’re involved into dubstep for quite a while now but we’re curious to know where did you first got in touch with the dubstep sound?

Well, I got involved into dubstep about 13 years ago, I’m living in London and there was a club in East-London called “Plastic People” where weekly you could find dubstep artists playing in a dark room with only a red light above the DJ booth and an incredible clear soundsystem, the bass was just licking off your face! You had to go there yourself to feel the energy, but those vibes inspired me to start DJ’ing myself.

Could you tell us a bit more how and when and moreover why you felt the need to establish the “Monsters” collective?

A few years ago AD, Curzed and myself were just chilling together and suddenly it came to my mind to start a dubstep collective with some underground producers. At first they weren’t really up for it and I remember they had some doubts but I was being pretty serious about it and eventually we started scouting for some like-minded producers in the UK and from then the Monsters crew was born. We wanted to do something different so we started with the “Monster Mixes” and that’s where the hype came from. We started to get support and feedback from all over the world and here we are standing tall!

About a year ago you’ve added a few new guys to the Monsters collective such as Obey, Styn and a few more. Do you plan to expand the crew even more?

The newest member is Badphaze and to be honest I think he is the last one for now, but on the other hand I do have my eye on one or two dons who are making serious moves. I cannot really tell who I’m talking about but I think, if you’re following the Monsters a little bit, you could guess who these next Monsters could be. There’s a lot of new music coming from us in 2015 so all I could say is just keep the eyes and ears wide open!

Could you tell us a bit more about the Quake movement in Belgium? What do you expect of the third edition of Quake presents “Monsters vs DUPLOC” in February 2015?

I have a lot of respect for the Quake team as they were the first to put up a full Monsters takeover not just once but twice, and they had success both times! These boys are real family and they know that! Quake itself is a sick party to play at, the location and the venue are perfect for dubstep nights and the vibe always is on point. It’s sick to know people are travelling from the Netherlands, France, Germany and even from America and Canada to Quake in Belgium. I’m definitely looking forward to February 20th!


You’ve already played at quite a lot of dubstep nights, but what have been the highlights for you personally? What events can we expect to see you playing at in the coming months?

To name a few events I’ve really enjoyed playing at, in no particular order, Ergh, Dubbed Out, Skankerz, 50Hurtz, Hype Birmingham and also the Chop City Tour and the Tuff Guy Tour. As for dates to see me play, they’re on hold at the moment as I’m due to become a dad again. Though as mentioned I’ll be playing at the next Quake edition obviously and I’m also planning a sequel of the Chop City Tour in the States later this year. For this second tour LOST will join me to play some deadly duo sets! Apart from that Badphaze, Styn & Obey are also doing a US tour this February 2015 hosted by the friends from Escence Audio.

You’ve been active as DJ for quite a while now, how have you seen the scene evolving and how do you expect it to evolve in 2015?

I think there are two different worlds when it comes to the scene to be honest, but I’m happy to see that recently quite a few producers starting to bring back the old style and sound again and I really like that! There are so many styles of dubstep nights in Europe, so you have a lot of party’s to choose from, it really is crazy! I know you’ve seen the Americans comment stuff like “I wished I lived in Europe” or “we need this line-up here in the States”.


Any last shout outs or producers we need to keep an eye on?

Yeah definitely, if you don’t mind! First of all I’d like to big up my Monsters team! Apart from that shouts to DA FORCE, LOST, Beezy, GetDarkerTV, Cisco, Quake, Jakes, Hizzleguy, Payne, Megalodon, EXL, Phex, Coffi, 50 Carrot, Soloman, P0gman, Trampa, DUPLOC, BloodThinnerz, Blankface, Efflex, Dubfreq, Dubfella, Mr. Snave, Diezal, ENiGMA Dubz, Funtcase, The Gremlins, Hatcha, Crazy D, Chef, Coki,.. The list goes on and on, big up everyone that follows me and supports me it really means a lot and I really appreciate it, thank you and see you at Quake!

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Credits to Dylan Jack Scalet for the press picture.