Bukez Finezt, the man behind “Under Control”, was so kind to take some time to have a little chat with us. Press play on the podcast below and have a nice little read about what’s coming up for Bukez Finezt in the next few months.

Hey Bukez Finezt, hope you’re doing good! We don’t think we’ve seen the question answered already in a previous interview, but we understood that you’ve started producing since your 10th and making dubstep since 2006 . How did things started out for you and how did you got in touch with dubstep exactly?

Sooo. Let me get way back to where and how it started. When I was 4, I always used to hang with my homies at the corner sipping multivitamin juice and spitting bars. We also used to skate at a local skatepark. One day we skated the whole day till sunset. Later that day around 11pm we saw this bright light on the sky. And yeah… it was an UFO. They kidnapped me and made weird experiments with my brain. They wanted to create the ultimate producer. So when I got sent back to mother earth I was so damn confused for the first few weeks being back. Still had some weird flashbacks and such. Anyway. My brain started having so many ideas. So from Acid Pro to Music 2000 to Ejay to Fruity Loops. :) That’s it.

Ah lovely haha, exactly how we imagined! Well, on a more serious note, we’ve heard you’re just back from your second US tour and planning a third one already? Can you share your experience from this adventure with us? Any highlights worth to mention?

America is such a huge country and has so many different cultures and people living there. So I can’t really pick one highlight. There have been several. This time it felt good to spend a lot of time in LA with a special person. Plus experiencing the nature, city, people, scene in every state. My favourite places to go definitely are California and Colorado. Just feels good being there, but every show is different and lovely in its own way!

Talking about events, what’s next for you? Where can we expect to see Bukez Finezt play in the coming months?

Well about my next shows.. can’t announce them all yet.. but there’s HYPE in Birmingham (UK) this weekend with my buddies Soloman, P0gman, Antikz and more. Apart from that I am really looking forward to “Monsters vs DUPLOC” in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s a huuuge line-up with plenty of friends from the scene such as Shiverz, LOST, Badphaze, London Nebel, AD and more. A great night people definitely should visit. I am also really looking forward to a show in my home-town Cologne where I will be sharing the decks with the already legendary Mr. Carmack. Can’t wait. And yeah, a few tours are being planned, like you already said my next USA Summer Tour will happen in June 2015, looking forward to tour the states again.


Last year you’ve mentioned in your interview with FKOF that you’re working on quite a few forthcoming releases, on Firepower, Sin City and RVRSL. Do you have any updates about these releases?

Updates, sure. The EP on Firepower is completely finished and I am just waiting for a release date from the label because their schedule is pretty packed. The tracklist for the Firepower EP will be: Silly German, Stackn Cheese, Phat Bitch VIP, Word To Yo Mum and Pipe Burst. Apart from that I am finishing my album which will drop on Subway Music, the label where I also released my Under Control vinyl on!

People have been asking me for “Headache” (the track with the “got my brain on twist” sample). That tune definitely will drop on my forthcoming album. So keep your eyes peeled. The releases for Sin City Recordings -the label founded by Hatcha and N-Type- and RVRSL Records -the label founded by LOST-, are still work in progress but as soon as I have more information I´ll update my fans on my artist page.

About your track “Under Control” – You did an interview with UKF, it has been re-released on GetDarker’s prestigious outlet “This Is Dubstep 2014″ and many DJs, producers and well-respected blogs labelled it as the best track of 2014. Why do you think it has been such a success?

I don’t really know why it was such a success. My guess is that it was a “darker” tune which still had a lot of energy. I had support from a wiiide range of producers which amazed me. Still blown away from the feedback and support I gained with that tune / release. Thanks to all my supporters and friends.

Correct us if we’re wrong but we understood there’s more? We’ve heard there are some remixes such as Sleeper’s and Truth’s remix. Do you have any plans to put these remixes together on a special remix EP? Can we maybe expect to see it released via Subway Recordings again?

Apart from Sleeper’s and Truth’s remix, there is another one which is finished, but we like to keep it tight for now. The plans with the remixes we currently have, aren’t 100% worked out yet, but people can expect some more information soon about the remixes. No worries.

Talking about Subway, you’ve played there last edition at SUBWAY XL7. Can you tell us a bit about the Subway movement as we noticed you really seem to like them? :)

Yeah I do. I really love Geoff aka Nicon who runs the label and the event. I know him for ages now. He used to hook me up with promos back in the day from DJ Madd, Noah D, Enei, Matt U and many more who released on his label back in the day. We always used to chat and talk about the scene. Then one day he booked me to a Subway edition and we started talking more and more. We also always wanted to work out a release but never found the right tunes or the right time and with the “Under Control EP” we finally made it happen. By the way the next edition, SUBWAY XL8, takes place in April 2015. But yeah.. Bukez Finezt and Subway.., friendship and business partners!

Any last shoutouts or any producers we need to keep an eye on?

Shoutouts to all the mandem. To all the supporters, music lovers. Shouts to Geoff from Subway. Shouts to my Monsters homies. Also out to Mala, Hatcha, LOST, London Nebel, Youngsta, Aweminus, Creep N00m, Kahn because he gave me props on one of his last interviews, Kromestar, Deskem (you lazy boy), Nicole from sub.mission and and and. Please don’t get sad if I didn’t mention you whoever you are, cheers!

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