Zygos releases on Belgium's newest dubstep imprint Overdue

With a certain pride we’re initiating the launch of a promising emerging Belgian record label. Today Maxime and Corneel, two students from Ghent, present their new dubstep imprint Overdue. While Corneel is passionate about design, Maxime’s devotion to dubstep originated at the renowned Daily Dubstep events. Together they form a strong and confident team and Overdue ambitiously discloses its first record which features Belgium’s biggest vinyl junkie Zygos. Maxim and Corneel became big fans of Zygos through his rather bizarre work on Encrypted Audio. By launching this label Overdue hopes to make a local community excited again for dubstep music. During the past year they discreetly prepared their first few records and Overdue claims to have the intention of focussing on quality over quantity by releasing maximum a several 12″ plates each year.

Zygos clarifies his connection with Overdue: “I know them from a cooperation with Dubtastic a few years ago. Back then they already told me they were considering to launch a vinyl imprint and they wanted me on it so of course I was interested. Moreover I’m excited that there’s a new label in Belgium, apart from DUPLOC there’s not too much out there.” Let’s target OVD001. “Resilience” kicks in overwhelmingly as cramped pitches are pumped through a raw and oppressive texture. An uncomfortable mood is echoing through “Tension” while “Venery”, Zygos’ favourite, is a repetitive percussion heavy stomper. Overall the record excellently captures Zygos’ signature sound. Overdue’s first smoke bomb is evaporating in bass weight on the 26th of February 2018.