Kromestar - "MCMLXXXII"
Release in its totality

The highly-anticipated album of Kromestar entitled “1982” finally arrived in stores – well at least the first part for now as Kromestar is still working on the second part. Eight fresh tracks from the London Badman exclusively available on 2 x 12″ Vinyl. In general this first part contains some more experimental content than you’d expect from Kromestar but this album isn’t yet another collection of club hit after club hit, it’s all about taking you on a journey through sound. A quality album for the music lover but our favourite track entitled “In The Same Zone” on the other hand is one of those recordings which leans closer towards the style you’d expect from Kromestar. The first part of “1982” – a reference to the birthyear of Kromestar – is due to release on the 10th of June 2016 via his very own label Nebula Music Group and also is the first LP the label is releasing. We’ll keep you up to date about when the second part will drop.

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