Monsters' CEO Shiverz is coming over the hill with the new "Face It" EP

Back around 2010 Shiverz a.k.a. Da Butcher established Monsters: a crew of like-minded producers representing the notorious Monsters sound. The family did shut down numerous underground venues all over the world. Remarkably it was only in November 2016 the infamous collective decided to finally launch the record label “Monsters Music”, through which the finest tunes from their endless dubplate collections are being released. For their sixth EP, Monsters CEO Shiverz is coming over the hill with his own release, due on the 20th of November. Especially known for tight mixing and highly energetic live sets, Shiverz has been causing damage on the mic as well. However, the “Face It” EP is not reflecting the typical Monsters sound, but in general is a great collection of dubstep and grime with strong bars from Shiverz on top.