Anticipating Truth's "Lion EP" on DEEP MEDi Musik

We do worry a little bit that as consequence to all the promotion provided for Deep Dark & Dangerous, alongside pushing an abundance of talent, people might forget to reckon that Truth are one of dubstep’s pioneers who are anno 2017 more relevant than ever with their very own productions. That’s why it’s essential at times to go back the roots. Back to releasing a few dubplates on a superb record. Back to arguably dubstep’s most prestigious record label. Back to DEEP MEDi Musik. Being able to put out nothing but fire on their label with an intensely strong consistency, while delivering this quality music is gifted for only the most creative. MEDi098 features three growling sound system demolishers wrapped up on a single 12″ record. A release (already the sixth one) from DEEP MEDi by Truth never really needs much words. Simply put “Lion” has been on Mala’s scope since the first time he heard it. An instant signing which made the rest of the EP came along naturally. “Messages” on the other hand is the most overlooked, underrated track of the recording and is one to regularly draw for. Forget all the hype for MEDi100 and take a moment to bag MEDi098.