Gantz & Commodo - "MEDi090"
Release in its totality

The last dubstep release of 2015 is reserved for none else but Mala’s DEEP MEDi Musik. MEDi090 is due to release on the 31st of December and features content from Gantz and Commodo, two little spin-off singles to follow up their recent debut album on DEEP MEDi entitled “Volume 1″. The A-side represents Commodo’s remix of Gantz’ legendary tune “Free Focus” and on the flip-side Gantz returns the favour with a remix of Commodo’s track “Buckwild”. Very remarkable to see an independent label which turns ten in 2016 releasing already 90 full-fledged singles to date. DEEP MEDi has been without a doubt the most influential dubstep-related record label of 2015.

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