Mysteriously twisted beats on newcomer Darkimh's debut record

Infernal Sounds proves once again to be an essential record label within dubstep. They kick off 2018 by unleashing a collection of the finest beats by newcomer Darkimh. Alike IFS006 and 007, Prism’s refined artwork is very appropriate once again; for IFS009 he crafted an evenly dark masterpiece being almost as obscure and mysterious as the producer’s identity. All we know about Darkimh is that he’s living in Dublin and that he’s making some badman tunes. It is exceptional to encounter this level of quality on a debut release, although on the other hand that’s no that remarkable anymore since Infernal Sounds has been setting its standards outstandingly high. “We love signing new people who haven’t released on this format before. It makes it even more exciting because there’s an edge of nerves around whether everyone else likes what we come up with. But obviously we do have full faith people will. Darkimh is extremely talented and he’s someone we’ll definitely be working with again in the future.”

“Chain Smoker’s” minimal cryptic setting quickly evolves into a heavily distorted frame. The second track on the A-side “Eclipse” bursts of undisclosed secrets overshadowed by an oppressive atmosphere. “This release took nearly a year to build. We first signed ‘Chain Smoker’ and ‘Eclipse’ soon followed, then it was a case of finding who would fit the remix.” On the flip Darkimh is backed by two established producers. Malleus’ dark remix of “Eclipse” twists the original into his distinguished style by dimming all beaming solar elements and transforming the record into a sinister setting. “We didn’t anticipate what Malleus would do with it, but it blew us away on the first listen.” Taiko’s collaboration “Unwarp” is on a different level and takes you to uncomfortable depths: “There was word of a collab between him and Taiko, the outcome was well worth the wait though.” These four mysterious beats will be unravelled on the 2nd of February 2018.