IFS008 impresses with three cave-deep gemstones from DE-TÜ

In all honesty, DE-TÜ is a name many listeners will be unfamiliar with. Only a few things are known about them: it’s a recently formed duo from Bristol and their forthcoming record on Infernal Sounds is absolutely brilliant. Infernal Sounds is acknowledged to be not reluctant of signing the relatively unknown. Moreover they challenge themselves to put forward quality from the rather unusual producer (which reminds us about the early days of game-dominating imprints like Innamind Recordings). But that’s also the only thing they look for: quality dubstep. “We will release anything that we feel deserves the plate treatment, regardless of how high or low a producer is. It’s all about the music.”


Let’s dive into IFS008. If you want to make your release unignorable, the vinyl-only Infernal Sounds is the opportune outlet and DE-TÜ is one of the latest discoveries from the IFS research team. Overall this eight instalment is dominated by dubwise pressure as “Wicked Skank” is the track which stands out on first sight with its highly energetic frequencies shattering the robust stone surface. In fact that tune did convince Aneurin and Jens: “We signed this EP mainly for ‘Wicked Skank’ originally, but then ‘Fruitcake’ really grew on us cause of the dubby vibes. It actually was a two tracker, but then we went back in for a third and the lads dished out ‘Secrets’. That one really swooped us heavily”. “Secrets” is in fact the hidden gemstone from the release with low-ends reaching prehistorical cave-deep depths. On the 1st of December 2017 you can go c(r)ave-digging for this 12″.