Abstrakt Sonance releases a second EP on DJ Hatcha's imprint

The pivotal stepping stone in Abstrakt Sonance’s journey has to be his instalment on LOST’s RVRSL Records because it eventually lead to reaching DJ Hatcha who shares the same passion for tribal-influenced dubstep. Their collaboration on HTCH016 entitled “War Music” is a splendid example; primal sounds chase you down in the foggy setting of a dense forest. While dubstep pioneer DJ Hatcha has been rinsing similar content, Abstrakt Sonance suddenly showed up as the excellent reinforcement for the record label: “I sent him a bunch of dubs and he instantly fell in love with ‘Going In’.” Moreover Abstrakt already has a second batch of tracks ready for Hatched Music, due to release on the 18th of December 2017. Abstrakt Sonance is very open-minded when it comes to different styles within dubstep, though last year his productions slowly evolved to the more sub oriented side, as he created more space for weight to shatter through. “Lately I have been more inspired by the 140 BPM sound as my appreciation for ‘deep’ dubstep came after my first European tour. I got booked playing a heavier set in Prague and the, ended up seeing the opening acts. That’s how I met the locals who were all into deep stuff.” Hence the importance of experiencing the sound physically – and that’s exactly the message Hatched Music is spreading.