Soloman - "Bokeh EP"
Release in its totality

Gentlemen’s Club, the collective of the three good old friends 50 Carrot, Coffi and Soloman is ready to present its next release. After two releases from 50 Carrot and Coffi on Gentlemen’s Club, catalogued as GC006 and GC007, Soloman returns to his family label for GC008. Soloman’s “Bokeh EP” is due to release on the 20th of September 2015 and is characterised by Soloman’s rather diverse style as you’ll hear grime influences shining through heavily. Our colleagues from Inspector Dubplate premiered title-track “Bokeh” and we decided to premiere the other single “Vega” featuring the American Taurus Scott who is affiliated with SMOG Records. “Vega” is the outcome of a UK-sound combined with a rather hyped-up sound from the United States.

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