Joe Nice and AxH chat about forthcoming "Dubplate Champion" on Gourmet Beats

The new year brings two new signees to Gourmet Beats. Early March 2018 AxH’s “Dubplate Champion” is being released together with a remix from Abstrakt Sonance on the flipside. We asked AxH about the background of his forthcoming record: “Tyler and I had been chatting a while about him remixing a tune of mine. After I finished “Dubplate Champion” and sent it to him, he immediately had ideas. Eventually he sent his remix to Joe Nice and he absolutely loved it.”

Gourmet Beats’ masterchef Joe Nice is proud to have both AxH and Abstrakt Sonance on board: “I actually got the remix first. When Abstrakt Sonance sent it to me I cut it [to dubplate] right away. I was playing that for months on my radio show and live. It was only after that I heard the original “Dubplate Champion” by AxH. It’s an amazing tune and I immediately wanted to put it out. Anything AxH puts his hands on is being turned into gold. I’m also very proud to welcome Abstrakt Sonance to the family as it is hard to believe this is his first 12″ vinyl release given all his quality music. And you know what? I’m very proud that after fifteen releases, I can say that half of the artists have had their debut record on Gourmet Beats. I do take that very serious and I am proud and honoured to have that sense of responsibility as a record label owner.”

Boston’s dubstep producer AxH deliberately has chosen to only work with a select few imprints amongst which Youngsta’s Tempa Records and N-Type’s Wheel & Deal. Now fellow American Joe Nice picks up comrade AxH for GB015: “Joe and I have known each other since about 2007-08, when my crew at the time booked him. We have kept in touch over the years, and I’m very honoured to be involved with his label and vision of dubstep, especially in America.”

“I’ve taken a step back from dubstep since Tempa Records and have been very selective with my music projects and involvement. GourmetBeats is one of those labels, just as Joe is one of those people, I’ll forever support and be committed to contribute to. Much love to Joe Nice and the whole Gourmet team!”