Dubdiggerz - "GB010"

GourmetBeats proudly presents its tenth instalment on which the Slovenian duo Dubdiggerz is being introduced. For ten releases straight Joe Nice consistently signed quite a few rather unexpected artists to his label. Logically we were mainly introduced to a few upcoming US-based artists but Joe Nice has been scouting talent abroad as well, which this instalment is a prove of as it’s coming straight out of the Balkans. Joe Nice is known to be that DJ who plays numerous dubstep shows around the globe and Ljubljana, Slovenia has been a city he regularly visited as he explains that’s where he met up with Mark, one-half of Dubdiggerz. Previously to arranging this EP, Joe Nice played some of their records through his monthly GourmetBeats radio show and because of the great response he received on Dubdiggerz’ productions he decided to sign the duo. As Joe Nice explains: “after listening to each tune for 30 seconds, I knew these would be tunes I’d play at live shows”. GB010 completes ten different episodes from both well-established producers as well as upcoming talents, but with one thing in common; quality and refreshing dubstep music for the musical connoisseur. GB010 is due to release on the 7th of April 2017.

Download GB010