ENiGMA Dubz - "The Journey So Far"
Release in its totallity

ENiGMA Dubz is presenting his third album, which he is going to release on his new, very own label “From The Vine Records” in two separate episodes of 10 tracks each. The first part of “The Journey So Far” is due to release on the 9th of March 2015. We premiered a few singles, including “Night Terrors”, from the multi-genre album release, properly showing that ENiGMA Dubz is one of the most versatile producers in the dubstep scene. The second and final part of the album is due to release on the 18th of December 2015, another 10-track sequel with at least as exciting tracks involved, including our favourite “Exodus”. “The Journey So Far” is the third album to come from the 28-years-old Birmingham-based producer, and represents the journey through ENiGMA Dubz’ life so far, with each track capturing a point of inspiration along the way. Definitely one of the most interesting dubstep-related releases from 2015. “The Journey So Far” is one of these rare collections which listeners who are not familiar with dubstep will enjoy from track one to twenty, while they’ll be surprised from the first to the last minute.

Download “The Journey So Far – Part 1″ Download “The Journey So Far – Part 2″