Darj - "FKOFd022"
Release in its totality

The newest addition to the monthly FatKidOnFire digital release series is stupidly big. FKOFd022 features three original tracks from Darj, currently one of the leading dubstep producers in France, and one remix from Egoless. As usual FKOF works together with Juno for an exclusive download from the 7th of September 2015. “Submarine Dub” is the track from this release which definitely caught our attention. As FatKidOnFire says “If there was a single track from Darj’s back catalogue to summarise his expertise on the buttons this would be it. This one’s a firm DJ favourite and you can understand why within the first few bars of the drop.” And then there’s Egoless to take “Submarine Dub” to another level.

Download FKOFd022