Causa - "FKOFd019"
Release in its totality

After 18 strong releases spread over one year and a half, FatKidOnFire presents its new design for the coming six releases alongside welcoming Causa to the family. FatKidOnFire is the leading dubstep community as they put both the well-established producers and the upcoming talents in the spotlight with the same passion. FKOF also represents a prestigious label and their next release “FKOFd019″ is due to release on the 18th of May 2015. We premiered “Blaster” from Germany’s Causa and as FatKidOnFire says “an EP that doesn’t need reams and reams of text written about it. The music says everything it needs to.” We really do love the sound FatKidOnFire is pushing and we would highly suggest to check them out if you like your dubstep weighty.