Zygos' unique dark and oppressive style in full effect through FAV006

There’s a new kid in town and he goes by the name of Zygos. Equipped with a unique dark and oppressive style, his music almost makes you feel uncomfortable. Belgium’s much promising up-and-comer reveals to be mainly inspired by techno music and his Goth-Trad/Karma-influenced productions did make a solid first impression to say the least. The past twelve months have been noteworthy for the Limburg-based producer. An illustration: Mid 2016 it started with a release on Encrypted Audio which was quickly followed up by his already sold out debut vinyl record on Dubbing Sun Records. Next up the Belgian Dubtastic Records took him on board and thereafter his sounds did reach the bizarre depths of the praised Rarefied. Recently Zygos had an impressive appearance on Subaltern Records and let’s not forget his latest EP on Unity Through Sound. Maintaining this high level of consistency triggered Foundation Audio to welcome him back. Label owner Chad Dubz only heard “Erf” and instantly signed it on vinyl. Ultimately the “Erf” EP contains four tracks with “Nostromo” as the producer’s favourite. Living close to the northern border opened the door for Zygos to get in touch with the like-minded Tosti. “Dwaas”, a foolish powerful collaboration with his Dutch partner in crime, is one of the highlights of FAV006. Zygos emphases: “Tosti is one of the most underrated producers right now.”