"Pharmaceutical Prisoner" is part of Malleus' newest EP on Encrypted Audio

Encrypted Audio has announced the next record in its admired separate vinyl series. The reputable Malleus is rather mindful when it comes to releasing music. He deliberately chooses to only work with the most prolific tastemakers who treat his work with the utmost respect, still Encrypted Audio fits easily in the queue as the “Coded In Sound” crew is acknowledged to have a natural sixth sense for attracting producers who dare to think outside the box. And Malleus has been smashing boxes on the regular. Let’s put it this way: there’s no vivid threat “Pharmaceutical Prisoner” will escape anybody’s attention as the track holds a very strong message. Malleus finds inspiration for everything he produces from personal experiences, furthermore specifically this track was meant to raise awareness about the opiate addiction he witnessed family and close friends struggling with heavily. You can feel he put his heart and soul in this piece of art. Malleus clarifies: “The track’s weight is in the ending quote.” As Encrypted Audio tags distortion-heavy content as #Loose, ENV013 is “Looseness” to the maximum.