A new American superstar dubstep group is born. Minneapolis’ finest Johnny Foreplay, Apparition and Nostalgia bundle forces to present Ternion Sound. Originally connected through playing at local events, the three like-minded individuals have been thoughtfully planning the launch of their collective for more than a year. Exchanging advanced technical expertise between equivalent astounding producers resulted into this instant signing on DUPLOC.

Groove is the keyword of DUPLOC021 as “Verify Me” comes in ruthlessly hard. A sharply polished dial tone smoothly dictates the steady pace of loose and distorted frequencies. The digital B-side “Yellow & Grey” is commanded by an analogous high resonance which is followed by a rather rolling and stomping vibe brightened by a colourful atmosphere. However both tracks detain a different mood, they are connected through Ternion Sound’s love for sound system culture.

Download via Bandcamp

Releases the 5th of March 2018
For press enquiries contact Pieter Grauwels via info@duploc.com