ARtroniks – “Illusion / Phasewalk” is due to release on the 19th of October 2015, catalogued as DUPLOC005.

Quite fast after the release of DUPLOC004 featuring the Belgian Requake, welcomes yet another Belgian known by the name of ARtroniks to its release catalogue. For DUPLOC005, travels all the way to Gent to introduce the 23-year-old talented Arne De Meyer. ARtroniks has been without a doubt the face of the Belgian dubstep scene in 2015.

“Phasewalk”, on the other hand, is gentler and more uplifting, taking ARtroniks to greener, more stepping pastures for the centre of the dancefloor. - JunoDownload

“It was about time to properly introduce ARtroniks to our label and we felt that Phasewalk was an essential tune to sign”, Pieter Grauwels confesses, “It took some time to find something suitable to represent the A-side, but Illusion perfectly completes this EP.”

Belgian music released on a Belgian imprint – DUPLOC005 is all about putting Belgium and its sound on the map properly.

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