Noclu – “Wattage / Destructo” is due to release on the 6th of April 2015, catalogued as DUPLOC001.

For the first official release, welcomes the German producer Noclu, “as he is, without a doubt, one of the most-promising upcoming talents at the moment”. Pieter Grauwels is very pleased to have especially him kick off the series as Phil has been a long-time supporter of the YouTube channel. Based in Münster, Noclu is building custom sound systems in his spare time and you can really hear his passion for quality sub-bass music shining through in his productions.

Back in 2006, Noclu started producing rather ambient tracks, but after witnessing the energy of 140bpm bass music live, he incorporated his sounds into dubstep. Quite fast Noclu surrounded himself with professional management, as he has been picked up by a few well-established platforms, which eventually leads to’s first digital release entitled DUPLOC001.

Two cuts that are well-worth buying - FatKidOnFire

In this release you can definitely hear Noclu has been inspired by the diversity of both the deeper and heavier sounds which has been, and still is pushing.

“Wattage” is a track which is constantly progressing, starting off a little bit deeper and slowly switching to a powerful angry-sounding vibe.

“Wattage” showcases his deeper side as we march solemnly to moody horns and a rolling, tech-like groove. “Destructo”, on the other hand, is instant rewind material. - JunoDownload

On the B-side there’s “Destructo”, which is one of Noclu’s highly-anticipated dubplates, guaranteed to set off any dance. DUPLOC001 marks the beginning of an ambitious release series.

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