Blankface - "Don't Want It EP"
Release in its totallity

Today we travel all the way to Los Angeles to welcome back Blankface with his “Don’t Want It EP”, introducing the debut release of Arcane Records. ARCN001, due to release on the 23rd of November 2015, definitely won’t pass by unnoticed as it also features quality remixes from Jakes and Soloman. To put Arcane’s first release in the spotlight we did a little interview with Daniel Bisbing, known as the A&R and Marketing Director of SMOG Records, who now launched the brand new agency and label.

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Hey Daniel, thanks for your time already! We understood you only just launched the agency in April 2015. Why exactly did you feel the need to establish an agency, as you’re already involved quite heavily within the music scene?

Hey Pieter, no problem at all, my pleasure! Well, we felt it was necessary to create the agency in order to guarantee our friends were being properly taken care of. There have been countless times where we have both witnessed the mistreatment of artist and extreme lack of professionalism. When an artist pours their heart and soul into their music and is then mistreated to the point where it becomes a disservice to them it is sickening. We aim to not only push our artist but to unify the global community into a whole and eliminate the ever so stagnancies in the worldwide scene.

Throwing shows isn’t about partying. It is about creating an experience and an environment where like-minded creative people can gather and express themselves in a musical setting. Anybody can throw a party, it takes a truly innovative thinker to create an experience that will always be remembered by the listener and further more talked about worldwide. Given my background in the industry, I already have been neck deep in the game for quite some time now. We felt it was time to expand and take matters into our own hands.

Well, that definitely is the perfect intention to establish an agency! When you were looking for artists to have involved, we do assume you were looking for like-minded, ambitious individuals?

We aim to find hard-working, passionate, self-motivated and personally driven artists. It is imperative that our artists maintain a strong presence within the global community by hard work and personal sacrifice. We only take on artist that we fully believe in and know will shape the future of bass music. Our current roster exists out of Axel Boy, Blankface, BloodThinnerz, DA FORCE, Deemed, Hizzleguy, Kahlil, Krimer, M A Z E and Sphynxx, but we definitely do have our eyes peeled on a few others. We are currently in the works of setting up Arcane showcases in various markets in the USA. That being said, we are very focused on spreading our brand nation wide and then globally.

We definitely wish you the best with that! We noticed you already do have some artists involved from Europe? Could you also tell us a little bit more about the label launch?

Both of us have an immense appreciation for the UK culture and what it has spawned in the state side community. With out the influence of the pioneers there would be no community and culture. After all we wouldn’t be pushing the sound forward if we were not representing our brothers in arms across the pond. All of our relationships with artist have started with friendships which then also turned into business relationships. We have a strong belief in representing like-minded people. We also do confirm our first release, catalogued as ARCN001, will be Blankface’s “Don’t Want It EP”, due to release on the 23rd of November 2015.

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