Two thousand sixteen has been another great year for dubstep. Our recent struggles with nominating content for our annual “ awards” prove that as we were flooded by quality. The top three releases, based on the voting from our readers, are respectively Ago’s debut release on Subaltern Records, Causa’s “Undubbed EP” on Artikal Music UK and Bukez Finezt “Decade of Weight LP” on Subway Recordings. This little shortlist shows the diversity in style and sound coming from all different kinds of producers and labels this year.

But let’s start with our very own releases.

This year we focussed less on hosting live events. Instead we did put in some extra work regarding our online magazine as well as our label. Releasing our first vinyl in April 2016 was a little milestone for us. None other than our Belgian friend ARtroniks has been given the honour to be featured on our first physical record with his highly-anticipated track “Shifted” included.




Label owner Grauwels explains how the record came along: “I remember at the end of 2015 we hosted a takeover at 50HURTZ in Amsterdam and we invited among others ARtroniks for a live set in a sold out Melkweg. I remember we met up at the station and took a cap to our hotel together. Our driver asked us about what we were doing in Amsterdam which eventually led him to connect his phone and we pumped “ARtroniks – Shifted” through the streets of Amsterdam. Basically directly after that night we started discussing the release of what currently is DUPLOC012.”

Eventually our debut vinyl release got us into an invitation from Studio Brussel, our national radio station. In that set we also played some exclusive content from our second vinyl release which we already had confirmed by that time.

Because of our debut vinyl release we were also featured in Fuzz Magazine, TRUSIK and Chase. Even UKF listed us in the top 10 essential bass music labels of 2016.

But also the staff of Bandcamp acknowledged what we are doing and for the occassion Founder Pieter Grauwels had been invited to do an exclusive interview for Bandcamp Daily.

“..Growing up, Pieter Grauwels never had much exposure to underground music. Living near Hasselt, a small town in the Flemish part of Belgium near the Dutch border far from the nightlife centers of Brussels and Gent, the only regular live music nearby was of the mainstream, middle-of-the-road variety, which failed to capture his imagination. That all changed when a friend introduced him to dubstep in his late teens..”

Halfway through the year we did do some rebranding. During the Summer Holidays we felt like the music we’re promoting needed a more mature design with a less energetic visualiser. The logo for our website has been also given a slightly more professional look.

Similar to previous year we wrapped up all of our releases into one compilation release covering DUPLOC009 to DUPLOC015. A 14-track digital album which is exclusively available via our Bandcamp. This year we signed five new names to the label respectively Minzo, Arkwright, Digid, Rygby and Dark Tantrums. In september our single with the Bristol-based Rygby has also been released on vinyl.

The top three of our best sold singles on Bandcamp is DUPLOC012, DUPLOC014 and DUPLOC007. On Junodownload our best sold release so far is DUPLOC009 and Beatport closes down 2016 with “Mental” from Dubamine as best sold track. From this year on we were also active on Spotify and all of our releases are available to be streamed via this playlist.


In 2016 we generated a total of 1.035.000 views on our audio streams and the most streamed track this year on our platform is “Eerie Voices” from Bukez Finezt with 19.000 views in total. Last year our website was visited 63.000 times, this year it increased to 74.000 visits.

Here’s a little resume of a few releases we premiered on our magazine. A big well-meant thanks to all the labels for working with us!

And here’s also a little overview of some of the new talents we helped launching.

What to expect from us in 2017?

First of all we’ll simply continue with what we’ve been doing. We’ll continue capturing all relevant releases within dubstep, combined with signing fresh content to the label. We’re proud to announce we signed Kloudmen for our first release of 2017 entitled as “DUPLOC016″. Moreover next year in October 2017 we do exist five years and we’re planning to release our first official album/LP by then. To put that milestone in the spotlight you should expect quite a few extra things. Let’s not spoil too much! ;)

That was about it for 2016. Hope you had a great time listening to the music we’ve been featuring and there’s nothing left to wish you happy holidays from the team! See you in 2017!

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