What a great year it has been again. Below you’ll find some highlights of our projects from 2015, including statistics and insight information about what’s to come on duploc.com in the future. Press play on our “Best of 2015 mix” while reading through our adventures!

To kick off 2015, we had a few remarkable live events planned. First up we had our soundclash with Shiverz’ infamous Monsters collective, presented by our good friends from QUAKE in Antwerp. A well-packed night full of back-2-back battles between both sounds – definitely satisfied to see an open-minded crowd which could appreciate our deeper sounds as well, however we do know there’s still quite some work to do in Belgium to educate listeners properly, but live events as these are definitely helping us fulfilling that mission.


After QUAKE we were invited to do little label takeover in Brussels with Requake, ARtroniks and Noclu and we also had a sick label night close to Paris in the middle of the Champagne Vines with LOST headlining. Nothing but sunshine, lovely vibes and good memories. During the last month of the Summer we prepared our first event in Amsterdam, as we were invited by 50HURTZ in the Melkweg, one of Europe’s most acknowledged music clubs. The queue outside the venue at about 10pm was simply legendary and our 50HURTZ takeover was one of our first events which completely sold out as well. Later that month we were invited by Skankerz to do a little duploc.com showcase at Elements Festival 2015 – great to meet ENiGMA Dubz again and witness the whole family play some proper dubstep sets!





As far as the digital side goes, you might have noticed that we changed the name of our platform to duploc.com. We also updated our YouTube, SoundCloud and social media pages. This year we fully focussed on promoting the more mature side of the genre. We’ve been always down to promote a wide range of sounds, but as a platform we want to think and progress in the longer-term. We believe the time was there to properly step up our game and profile ourselves as a full-fledged dubstep platform. We also did launch a new, more professional logo for our website.

2015 Has also been the year in which we launched our very own label. “I remember travelling to Switzerland to play a little show and as we were sleeping over at London Nebel’s place, Le Lion was showing us some new music in his studio. I suddenly heard a massive tune which turned out to be from Noclu. I was completely blown away by the energy of the second drop and after the weekend I contacted his manager. Eventually that track inspired me to launch the label and sign “Noclu – Wattage” for our first release.”

By April 2015, we welcomed Noclu and LOST for DUPLOC001 and DUPLOC002, our first two releases which were available to download through all major retailers; JunoDownload, iTunes, Beatport, Spotify and so on. Basically the concept of our imprint is signing two tracks for each episode both from upcoming as well as well-established producers.

We did launch our podcast series at the end of 2014, and in the middle of 2015 we closed down the first season of our duploc.com podcast series. In total we had seven episodes from heavyweights like Jakes and Bukez Finezt, which generated over 100.000 views in total.

We also launched a little mix series. There are so many great releases coming out every week. To wrap up the highlights from each of the four seasons, we introduced the “Backstage” series, short mixes by DUPLOC which are guiding you through the relevant forthcoming content of each season and giving you an exclusive look behind the dubstep scenes. If you’re looking for some essential releases of 2015, it definitely is worth digging into these selections.

By October 2015 we celebrated our third birthday with yet another best of duploc.com album – though already the last one in its series. The three first albums, containing 60 tracks in total, do perfect reflect the evolution of sound we made as a platform and now it’s time to look forward. We do confirm the release of one compilation entitled “5 Years of duploc.com” to celebrate our fifth anniversary in October 2017, which we recently started working on.

Towards the second half of 2015, the focus on live events blurred a little bit, as we prepared properly for the next and final five digital releases from DUPLOC004 to DUPLOC008. Dubamine’s release was the fan’s favourite in terms of official sales, closely followed by Requake & BadKlaat’s EP. Their single “Seen” was by the way our first official release which got a radio play on Belgian national radio Studio Brussel.

To wrap-up our first eight releases from DUPLOC001 to DUPLOC008, we bundled these 16-tracks together into a physical album release, which is due to release on the 31st of December 2015. We also expanded our webshop with new merch as we now offer T-shirts, Sweaters, Snapbacks and CDs for worldwide shipping. In 2015 we provided physical content to customers from 27 different countries.


And as far as statistics are concerned. This year our focus was spread through YouTube and SoundCloud promotion. In 2015 we reached over 750.000 total views on YouTube and 516.000 on SoundCloud, which makes a total of about 1.3 million views. On SoundCloud we had an increase of 168,2% plays on our tracks in comparison with 2014. We’ve been putting more emphasis on our website, as it was visited 63.000 times in 2015, with September as the most visited month with almost 10.000 visitors.

We had the chance to promote so many great releases from so many lovely labels throughout this year yet again. A big shoutout to all the label managers for the continuing trust in our platform! Below we made a little collection of our personal favourites.

But we also premiered so many fresh sounds from new talents. Recently we’ve seen so many new labels being launched via which we were introduced to heaps of new producers. First of all we feel like it’s been a great year for our very own ARtroniks. He released some amazing music and you’ll definitely see his name popping up regularly at duploc.com, but we expect him to release with other prestigious labels soon as well. Furthermore we’ve been rating Causa a lot, after his FKOF debut – he told us he got some very exciting releases in the pipeline, but he had to keep everything secret for now – definitely keeping an eye on the German producer. Furthermore the Encrypted Audio family surprised us with Eva808 and Argo waving the flag high. Obviously we cannot forget to mention Egoless and Foamplate as they had a very productive year. But the Dutchmen Moonstones, Nigia and Hebbe do deserve a proper mention as well. But honestly we do fully believe in every producer we featured in 2015! ;)

So what to expect from us in 2016..

We’re continuing 2016 where we ended 2015 with label-wise. DUPLOC009, Minzo’s debut on duploc.com, is due to release on the 18th of January 2016 and every year we’ll update our release artwork with a new design. Furthermore we can already proudly announce duploc.com is going vinyl. We’ve been looking into pressing vinyl for the last few months and our first vinyl release, entitled DUPLOCv012 will be releasing in April 2016. A vinyl-only release with two tracks from ARtroniks! Very excited to announce DUPLOCv012 will be available in several physical stores all over Europe – as well as in Belgium, though we’ll have soon more information about that. It is by the way nearly five years ago a Belgian dubstep label did print on vinyl, so it’s time to put Belgium and its sound on the map again, and who else but the Belgian ARtroniks is perfect placed of joining us in that mission? ;)

We’re also trying to change the focus from promotion via Facebook to newsletters. If we tell you our average Facebook reach is not even half of the merch we sold in 2015, you do know enough. More information about that is coming soon, though if you’re interested you can already sign up. Basically you’ll receive some special offers as well as announcement and information before we publish them on any other media.

Well that’s about it for 2015 – a well-meant thank you and much love to all the supporters and listeners, you’re keeping our platform alive! – Pieter Grauwels

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Press pictures by Kim Nijs Photography