2014 has been another great year for duploc.com. We had quite a few projects going on, from loads of new releases to live events, from the launch of several series to brand new partnerships etc. While there is so much information being shared on social media, it’s impossible to keep track of everything, so below we listed a few of our highlights of the past year. Press “play” on our “Best of 2014″ mix and relive 2014 while reading our recap!

We kicked off 2014 in style with our first duploc.com event/takeover outside of our home-country Belgium. We crossed the border to The Netherlands and together with the locals from RocketFuel events we hosted our first “international” event at Eindhoven, with Requake and Airvalue headlining.


This takeover marked the beginning for us to start focussing more on live events and in March 2014 both the infamous “QUAKE” event as well as DJ Murdock’s very own event “Breakdown” were interested in working with us, which resulted in co-hosting respectively a Monsters takeover in Antwerp and a H.E.N.C.H takeover in our home city Hasselt.



In the meanwhile, we worked on a few other projects, such as developing our brand new concept of the “Recommended by DUPLOC” series for example. That was quite an intense job, though we were pleasantly surprised by the feedback about the release of our first volume in co-operation with Dubstar Records back in December 2013. That’s how we eventually rolled into our next three volumes with Subquake Audio, Escence Audio and BassClash Records. The concept of putting our “approval stamp” onto a 10-track compilation release was warmly-welcomed by our partners, but it also was a way for us to reach new listeners as well as a way to present some of our upcoming artists via a proper outlet.


In the first few months we were also playing with the idea to release some heavier dubstep sounds from our popular artists on the channel which eventually led to the launch of our spin-off label DPLC Recordings, with the release of Krimer’s “Impact EP” in June 2014. It was definitely lovely to see our first very own “official” release charting at spot 5 in the top 100 dubstep charts. In July 2014, we also clocked-off the 10.000 subscribers milestone on our YouTube channel DUPLOCpromotions. To celebrate we released a little free compilation via our Bandcamp.

As we couldn’t resist digging into some statistics.. During 2014 we received a total of one million views (1.032.493) on our YouTube channel with not even 100 new premieres being uploaded! Our YouTube Channel received over 21.000 “thumbs up” on the YouTube displays in totally, with Bommer, Airvalue, Bukez Finezt, Jakes, 50 Carrot and ENiGMA Dubz as a few of our most popular artists. Apparently in 2014 our YouTube premieres reached exactly 180 different countries in the world, with Belgium, the United States and the United Kingdom in the top 3. Surprisingly to see Canada as well as Australia in the top 10 with respectively 53.000 and 22.400 visitors!

To be completely honest, we started to realise that YouTube might not be the ideal outlet for an underground dubstep platform. We found out that we actually could reach way more people with our projects. Therefore we established our very own SoundCloud which reached 434.000 plays after being online for one year now. Traffic has been mainly coming from the promotion for our own releases, but also from our first few SoundCloud premieres. Anyway, we definitely want to keep the YouTube channel as active as possible, because we see it as a medium to reach a larger audience in general with its advanced search engine and its possibility for videos to go viral relatively easy. However, in 2015 we definitely have to over-think the balance between YouTube and SoundCloud promotion.

Apart from our SoundCloud, we also re-designed this website duploc.com and tried to keep it as up-to-date as possible. In 2014 our website reached nearly 30.000 unique visitors which is an increase of 450% in comparison with 2013.

We were pleasantly surprised when Dub Police, one of the leading dubstep labels – founded by Caspa, contacted us with the message that “underground dubstep should be promoted via an underground outlet” and by that we’ve been given the opportunity to promote Caspa’s new “500” album.

Also great to finally introduce Tempa Records, the iconic dubstep label, with a premiere of the highly-anticipated single “Trapped” from Proxima!

As we feel dubstep is mainly music to be played in (small) clubs with a quality sound system, able to cope with the deeper frequencies, we have been rather quiet during the festival season. Though behind the scenes we were working hard to “come back with a bang” in the autumn of 2014. One of the highlights of the summer 2014 was our new partnership with the prestigious LA-based “SMOG Records” and Netherlands biggest dubstep label “Subway Recordings”, for which we premiered a few forthcoming tracks. On the 2nd of October 2014, duploc.com turned two years old, which was the release date for our first physical album entitled “Best of duploc.com Album 2014“. The physical release sold out quite fast and reached 17 different countries in total, including Russia, The United States and Australia.


To celebrate our 2nd birthday we were invited to host a little takeover in Germany, just across the border with Switzerland. Quite fast after we also got in contact with the well-respected Skankerz team from Bruges and they invited us for a huge takeover with many of our residents to celebrate our 2nd birthday and end 2014 in style.

So.. what to expect from us in 2015?

Well, at the end of 2014, we already launched our new “duploc.com Podcasts” series and we definitely plan to develop that concept and at least try to keep it a monthly thing and try our best to maybe have a podcast online every few weeks or even more frequently.

Already at the “Skankerz invites DUPLOC” edition, our good friends from QUAKE announced their next edition “Monsters vs DUPLOC” to take place in Antwerp, Belgium on the 20th of February 2015. We’re also already talking with a few other promoters to set up some more events, both in Belgium and internationally – if you feel like you can help to make this happen, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Release-wise we’re super excited to (finally) start releasing 2-track EPs directly via our duploc.com imprint catalogued as DUPLOC001, DUPLOC002 and so on. As mentioned, we enjoyed putting together the “RBD Volumes”, but we do already announce we won’t continue with that project for several reasons.

As for our ambitions with duploc.com, next year we want to put even more emphasis on the fact that we’re all about pushing “the diversity of dubstep” and we want to show our listeners both quality deeper and darker tracks as well as some heavier sounds, with a focus on new and original sounding tracks covering the dubstep spectrum. Oh yea before we forget.. apart from all these projects, obviously the focus always remains on promoting upcoming talents and providing our listeners with loads of exclusive content and previews from our partners and labels we’re working with!

Much love to all the supporters and listeners, you are the ones who make it all happen and keep things alive!
Pieter Grauwels

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