Dubwise vibes coming from D-Operation Drop, Digid and Dubbing Sun

The Austrian Dubbing Sun Records, the imprint operated by the four men strong producer’s collective Dubbing Sun, deliver the next instalment in their 7″ vinyl series. For number five the record label welcomes D-Operation Drop to the family with the appropriate “High Trees”. The original track is engaged in a subtle touch of dub music, carefully rubbed in by the Italian crew. The inseparable duo Digid and the Dubbing Sun crew jumped on the remix in which they extract the extant dub elements and highlight them more explicitly, adding more energy and dubwise vibes to the flipside. Digid and Dubbing Sun are no strangers to each other at all. The second 7″ of this very series, as well as for example the recent ALBION003 or their release on Lioncharge Records feature a bunch more collaborations. The Belgian Digid is known for his dubstep music with dub influences incorporated, hence why his sound fits the sound of Dubbing Sun this fluently. DSR7005 is due to release on the 12th of January 2018.