Dubamine - "DSEP002"
Release in its totality

For Dubamine’s next EP he goes back to his roots and original inspiration. His forthcoming “String Up The Sound EP” is heavily influenced by dub music and features slightly more vocal work than we’re used to from our Californian-based frontman. But let’s travel all the way to the East Coast today and visit New York to sniff up their warming music culture. The Brooklyn-based label Dub-Stuy Records has a great respect for the history of sound system music in general and therefor doesn’t strictly focus or limit its releases to dubstep only. Dub-Stuy, bred in Bed-Stuy -a local neighborhood with a long history of hip hop and West Indian culture-, is a very unique imprint which is actually established with the main objective to keep their well-beloved culture and community alive since 2012. The concept behind this EP release is a departure from Dubamine’s previous releases but since his roots originated from the same foundations on which Dub-Stuy was built, it’s great to see them work together. They’ve met Dubamine when he was still living in New York and attended an event in Brooklyn. Apart from that we simply had to include our resident Dubamine’s debut vinyl and it’s always good to introduce a well-respected collective as Dub-Stuy is. DSEP002 is due to release on the 24th of June 2016.

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